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Here you can quickly find experts about Master Mineral Solution (MMS) and Chlorine Dioxide, along with books links on, along with a number of Free PDFs.

Who is Dr.Andreas Kalcker?

We encourage you to learn about the main experts who lead the forefront of research around personal health and MMS discoveries. Among these is Doctor Andreas Kalcker, who has published literature in several countries sold around the world. He comes under stern scrutiny from medical professionals about his claims regarding what CDS can be used for, in terms of controversial claims around Covid19 (for example).

Who is Jim Humble?

The second most renowned expert is named Jim Humble, who is more focused on MMS than using the term ‘CDS’ or Chlorine Dioxide. Jim comes across in his story as more of anthropologist and innovator, generally speaking, than a health professional. This has made his journey of sharing MMS with the world full of scrutiny and criticism. Here you can learn more on our page dedicated to Jim Humble’s contribution to MMS.

What is CDS?

If you’re on a different wing of research, you might simply be shopping for easy ways to make clo2 at home, where there are many videos and blogs online that can give general directions. You might also want to find a direct brand with directions included in the product somehow, so that you’re not using amounts that could be too much like in the case of some of the criticism that the health experts endure. We’ve made a page answering FAQ about Chlorine Dioxide Solution, including a link to how you can generate stabilized chlorine dioxide at home.

Free Ebooks about MMS

Lastly here we offer a number of free ebooks (where each author/organization has it in the disclaimer for free distribution). It’s a great day we live in where we can share and learn information freely, and we simply encourage everyone to consider carefully both sides of any argument presented. This helps to keep discussions from regressing to name-calling or other unproductive patterns online. Check out the MMS Ebooks and Resources here…

Community is usually the answer:

We strongly encourage throughout our website that people share their experiences. That requires an open discussion forum, where the readers and contributors (like yourself) don’t have to worry about being banned for just sharing an honest experience. These open sharing of health related topics keeps the lines of communication open for everyone, especially when it is presented in a non binding manner. A good example of this if you are looking to post and share on these topics is, where an email address can allow you to start posting.

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