MMS and CDS Books

For anyone looking to do their own personal research about MMS, here are a few books and experts that should be able to help solidify what is generally accepted, and where there is still controversy. Because not all of these experts/authors books are available everywhere, there are links to the closest available sources.

Andreas Kalcker

Here is Dr. Andreas Kalcker’s homepage where you can research and explore his claims directly. He has a lot of world wide supporters, and also literature available in some places (not all). His claims are quite similar to the experts below, however, he is regarded as the original founder of using ‘Chlorine Dioxide’ as a personal cure.

Jean Pierre Wenger

Here is another author and expert of Chlorine Dioxide. Jean Pierre Wenger demystifies and clarifies the uses and purpose of Chlorine Dioxide, and gives an excellent summary of key experts like Andreas Kalcker, Jim Humble, and Kerri Rivera, along with their legacy of work and how it aligns with MMS.

Chlorine Dioxide: An effective and cheap cure or a deadly dangerous substance?

Link to his book on

Jim Humble

Jim Humble is generally regarded as the founder of “Master Mineral Solution” including the first real claims that it has healing powers. Here you can see his actual legacy homepage with many more resources that are connected to his work and team directly.

Curious Human Productions

Here is a freely distributed Ebook about MMS, created by a group/team called ‘Curious Human Productions.’ This literature has in the first few pages an open disclosure that everyone should read, both that it can be distributed but just as important that it’s not a diagnosis for anyone’s help problems.

Their book is entitled:

The Universal Antidote

Kerri Rivera

Here is another resource, this one has some graphic pictures. Again there isn’t real verification from the medical community on a lot of this, and sadly the author’s often have a chip on their shoulder about cooperating with authorities. The recurring irony is that chlorine dioxide is used in city water treatment very often, so it’s not that the substance itself is controversial, but how it is claimed to be used.

You can see Kerri Rivera’s ebook below entitled:

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism

Brian Stone

Here is another expert who has also offered free content about Chlorine Dioxide, and a clear demystifying about MMS in general. This free ebook is the ultimate best overall guide about using CDS for personal health; everything explained in a well organized DIY (do it yourself) guide.

DIY with Chlorine Dioxide A Health-Guide for Making & Using Cl02 in the Home.

What is Chlorine Dioxide Solution?

If you are moving from researching to shopping, you can find Chlorine Dioxide products from online stores. Typically these are water purification kits commonly used in hiking, camping, and traveling situations. We recommend you take a look at our What is Chlorine Dioxide Solution? page as a way to be able to make fair judgements as you start shopping for a usable and safe product.

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